1.Runh environmental management team and technical team are from major power design institutes, chemical design institutes, China Electricity Construction, China Energy Construction, National Energy Group, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group and GE and other large enterprises. They have rich experience in implementing environmental protection projects who have done the world's largest installed capacity power plant environmental protection project.

2.On the basis of absorbing and digesting domestic and international environmental protection technologies, we can provide advanced and efficient environmental island cooperative processing technology, We are devoted to meet the environmental protection performance and achieve the lowest energy consumption, so as to improve customer revenue.

3.On the basis of doing a good job in air environmental management, we are committed to expand business in the field of water treatment, soil remediation and other environmental protection areas, providing one-stop and comprehensive environmental protection services to customers.

According to Runh environmental protection project, the pollutant emission index could reach to:

SO2: ≦17.5mg/Nm3(Standard, Dry basis, 6%O2)

NOX: ≦25mg/Nm3(Standard, Dry basis, 6%O2)

Particulate matter (dust): ≦2.5mg/Nm3(Standard, Dry basis, 6%O2)

Mercury: ≦0.02mg/Nm3

Droplet: ≦20mg/Nm

Environment Protection Advantages

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