Dust Removal Technology

Technology Introduction:

Runh Environmental Protection has many advanced dust removal technologies, such as electrostatic dust removal, bag dust removal, electric bag composite dust removal, low-temperature electric dust removal and wet electric dust removal. It can provide efficient and low-energy collaborative dust removal solutions according to different needs of users.

Technical Characteristics and Advantages:

1.Low-voltage pulse bag dust removal, with less pressure loss and less energy consumption, can quickly replace the bag without stopping the machine. Low residual dust rate and high dust collection efficiency, which can reach 99.99%;

2.Low-and low-temperature electric dust removal can realize coordinated treatment of particulate matter, SO3, PM2.5, heavy metal mercury and other pollutants, and the removal rate of PM2.5 can reach over 98%.

3.Wet electric dust removal can efficiently remove PM2.5, SO3, gypsum rain, heavy metals, etc., and the emission of particulate matter can reach 5 mg/nm3;

4.Electric bag composite dust collector, in cooperation with wet desulfurization, does not need to install wesp, and can achieve ultra-low emission requirements lower than 5mg/Nm3.

Dust Removal Technology

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