Flu Gas Denitration

Technology Introduction:

Runh environmental protection provides low nitrogen combustion, SCR, SNCR and SCR + SNCR composite denitration technology solutions. The SCR selective catalytic reduction method is a post-combustion denitration method, and a catalyst needs to be disposed at a temperature from 170℃ to 420℃. The SNCR selective non-catalytic reduction method is a denitration method in combustion, and does not require a catalyst. The applicable temperature is from 850℃to 1100℃. The denitration reducing agent can be liquid ammonia, ammonia water and urea.

Technical Characteristics and Advantages:

1.The zoned ammonia spraying grid is used to realize the zone control to ensure the uniformity of ammonia/air in the reactor.

2.The optimization of flow field in SCR denitrification system can be achieved by computer and physical simulation.

3.Ensuring denitrification efficiency and reducing ammonia injection.

4.Denitrification efficiency can reach higher than 90%, ammonia escape<2.5ppm, and SO2/SO3 conversion<1%.

Performance emission indicator: NOX:≦25mg/Nm3(Standard、Dry Basis、6%O2).

Flu Gas Denitration

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