Flu Gas Desulfurization

Flu Gas Desulfurization Technology:

Runh environmental protection provides wet flue gas desulfurization and dry (semi-dry) flue gas desulfurization technology solutions. Wet desulfurization mainly includes limestone (lime)-gypsum method, ammonia method, magnesium method, seawater method and calcium carbide slag method. Combined with the actual situation of desulfurization, high efficiency technologies such as single tower high efficiency desulfurization, dust removal and mist removal technology, double tower double circulation technology and internal optimization of the absorption tower will be adopted, ultimately achieving ultra-low emissions of SO2and particulate matter.

Technical Characteristics and Advantages:

1.High efficiency desulfurization, dust removal and mist removal technology in single tower is suitable for projects that inlet SO2concentration is less than 10000 mg/Nm3(SO2<10000mg/Nm3).

2.Double tower and double cycle desulfurization technology is suitable for projects that inlet SO2 concentration is no less than 8000mg/Nm3(SO2≥8000mg/Nm3)

3.Slurry wall flow and flue gas escape can be solved by using slurry redistribution devices, and uniformity of flue gas and desulfurization efficiency can be improved.

Performance emission indicators: SO2:≦17.5mg/Nm3(Standard, Dry basis, 6%O2).

Particulate matter (dust): ≦2.5mg/Nm3(Standard, Dry basis, 6%O2)Droplet:≦20mg/Nm3.

Flu Gas Desulfurization

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