In the heat of summer, Runh Full 3D sticks to the front line of the project!

Aug. 19, 2020

He transition between late summer and early autumn is the hottest time of the year. In order to complete the project as scheduled, Staff of Runh full 3D always stick to the front line of the project and escort the timely and high-quality completion of the project with sweat.

The B15MW back pressure steam turbine unit of Shandong Haineng Chemical Co., Ltd. (original The overhaul project of C25 extraction condensing turbine unit) has been completed by Full 3D, including the maintenance of condensate pump and oil station, the grinding of foundation pad iron for the front and rear bearing blocks of generator. At present, the disassembly of steam chamber bolts and the cleaning of generator stator and rotor have been started in succession, and the work of hanging diaphragm of lower cylinder is also in steady progress.

Although clothes were wet with sweat again and again, we are still working day and night to complete the project, timely deal with the difficulties in the process of project implementation, face the challenges, overcome the difficulties, strive for improvement, and pursue quality!

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