Distributed photovoltaic power station

Distributed photovoltaic power generation refers to photovoltaic power generation facilities built at or near the top of buildings such as user's workshops and warehouses, which are characterized by spontaneous self-use of users' side, access to the Internet with surplus electricity, and balance adjustment in distribution system. Distributed photovoltaic power generation follows the principles of local conditions, cleanness, high efficiency, decentralized layout and nearby utilization, making full use of local solar energy resources to replace and reduce fossil energy consumption.

● Make full use of the roofs of idle homes and factories, and realize heat insulation and sunshade to reduce energy consumption.

● Simple access and high safety and reliability.

● Self-use, surplus electricity can be sold to the State Grid, which can not only save electricity costs, but also make long-term profits and maximize economic benefits.

● Energy saving and environmental protection, with good economic and social benefits.

Distributed photovoltaic power station  Distributed photovoltaic power station

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