Off-grid photovoltaic power plant

Off-grid photovoltaic power generation system is suitable for areas without grid connection or areas with unstable grid connection power. The DC power generated by that system can be directly used in daytime or stored in a battery pack for providing power at night or on cloudy or rainy day. Off-grid photovoltaic system is an independent solution because it can be installed in most places and is easy to be maintained locally. It’s reliable, clean and low-cost effective solution that can replace diesel generators.

● The system structure is simple, small and light, it’s convenient to be used with free-maintenance.

● Easy installation and transportation, short construction period, stable and reliable system, one-time investment and long-term benefit.

● No radiation, no pollution, energy saving, environmental protection, clean energy, safe operation, no noise and zero emission.

● Reliable quality, long service life, and the service life of solar panels is at least 25 years.

● Able to be used immediately after power generation, and suitable for remote and low-power areas, communication base stations and high-speed monitoring.

Off-grid photovoltaic power plant

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