Runh STG Island

What Is STG Island:

STG island refers to all the equipment and systems in TG building, including steam turbine, generator, related auxiliary equipment and systems, TG foundation, auxiliary equipment foundation, workshop foundation and upper structure, etc.

With the value of “high efficiency and cost saving”, we aim at designing and building STG island with high efficiency, low cost, short construction period, safe and reliable operation, and convenient maintenance for our customers.

Runh STG Island

Service Scope:

1)EPC Contracting

2)Complete Set of Equipment

3)Installation, Commissioning and Overhauling

4)Operation and Maintenance

5)Spare Parts

6)Steam Turbine Upgrade & Retrofit

7)Unit Relocation and Equipment Allocation

Runh STG Island

Advantages of Our STG Island:

1)We have an independent engineering consulting company, which adopts the most advanced professional design software to optimize the overall design, lower investment cost, and shorten installation period.

2)We use Full 3D steam path technology and highly intelligent electronic control technology to realize the start-up with one button, stable running, and higher efficiency.

3)We choose international brands for STG island, and guarantee that the major equipment will be free from overhaul in 8 years to ensure the owners' production benefit.

4)We have a top-level expert team to follow the whole process from designing and manufacturing to packing and shipping, thus ensuring the best quality of equipment and safe & efficient packing and transportation.

5)We have more than 20 years of professional experience in power plant installation, commissioning and operations.

6)We have sophisticated after-sales service which lasts for 25 years.)


Photothermal Turbine Island

Runh has been focusing on the construction of power plants in various industries since its establishment, and has accumulated rich experience in the field of coal-fired power generation. Its business covers dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Runh has been able to build a coal-fired power station project with the maximum single machine capacity up to 1000MW and the main machine parameters of ultra-supercritical level. Runh can provide the most targeted and efficient power station solutions for the owners in the fields of lignite, anthracite and peat power stations.

In turbine island of photovoltaic power station, the load of power station fluctuates with the change of weather or the unit starts and stops. In addition, most of the photovoltaic power stations are located in deserted Gobi or desert areas, which requires that the photovoltaic power stations should have the following characteristics:

The unit meets the requirements of quick start and stop for many times; Air cooling is mostly used for unit cooling; Centralized control of turbine island area, heat collection field and heat storage area; The unit has a high degree of automation and few operators; The unit requires high efficiency and low accident rate; The overall investment of the thermal power station is high, and the investment of the turbine island should be reduced as far as possible on the basis of ensuring the power generation efficiency.

 Runh STG Island

Turbine Island of Biomass

Most of the Chinese biomass power plants adopt units with the capacity of 25-30MW, among which are high-temperature and high-pressure units made in China and high-temperature and ultra-high-pressure shaft units of Siemens. To reduce the high cost of biomass power generation, we have introduced the efficient STG island characterized by light structure without crane, compact layout of TG building, less investment in civil engineering, short construction period, short recovery period, free from overhaul in eight years, separate arrangement of steam-water system and electric control system, and higher safety level.

Runh STG Island

Self-provided power station

Most of the STG islands in the chemical industry adopt condensing or back-pressure units equipped with deaerators, boilers and pipes such as condensate pipes, water supply pipes and steam pipes. The steam used is the residual steam from chemical plants through their high temperature and high pressure steam pipes. As the space is limited, the layout of the units needs to be adjusted and optimized according to the actual situation on site.

Runh STG Island

Cement cellar

Cement waste heat power generation conforms to the policy of energy saving and emission reduction, which, meanwhile, can obtain maximum benefits with minimum  investment. The waste heat power plant, which is limited in space and capital, needs to be arranged in a compact way. The system is simple and convenient to operate. Domestically-made units with single-pressure or dual-pressure steam inlet are usually adopted in those power plants.

Runh STG Island

Internal combustion engine

We have reached a long-term cooperation with international famous manufacturers including GE and Siemens. We can provide the owner with the most advanced internal combustion engine generator set in the world, together with the combined circulation unit with high efficiency, low investment and short construction period.

Waste heat utilization mode:  Most of the waste heat is used to produce low-pressure steam, hot water, etc. Some large internal combustion engine units use combined circulation cycle or ORC units for power generation.

1)Internal Combustion Engine 

2)ORC Unit 

3)Small waste heat utilization unit 

Runh STG Island

Coal-Fired power station

Since the establishment, we have been committed to constructing power plants for various industries and accumulated rich experience on coal-fired power generation. Our business partners come from dozens of countries and regions including Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. We are able to build coal-fired power plants with the maximum capacity of 1000MW, with the major parameters reaching the ultra-supercritical level. We are committed to offering the owner targeted and efficient solutions for power plants of lignite, anthracite, peat, etc.

1)660MW Super-critical Unit

2)350MW Sub-critical Unit

Runh STG Island

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