Bussiness Scope

Environmental Protection Concept:

Runh Environmental Protection is mainly engaged in atmospheric treatment, water treatment, industrial energy conservation and seawater desalination of coal-fired units in domestic and international power industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, building materials and coking industry. We are committed to providing the whole process of treatment schemes such as desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal, wastewater treatment, mercury removal, zero discharge and further flu gas removal. We can provide all-round environmental protection services such as consultation, design, supply, construction, commissioning,technical training,operationand maintenance, post-assessment,etc.

Business Scope:

Wet desulfurization: limestone (lime) - gypsum method, ammonia method, magnesium method, sea water method and calcium carbide slag method, etc.

● Dry (semi-dry) desulfurization

● Low nitrogen combustion

● SCR denitration

● SNCR denitration

● SCR+SNCR composite denitration

● Electrostatic precipitation

● Cloth bag dust removal

● Electric bag dust removal

● Low temperature electrostatic precipitation

● Wet electrostatic precipitation

● Conventional wastewater treatment

● Wastewater zero discharge treatment

● Deep energy saving and residual heat utilization

● seawater desalination

● Core equipment manufacturing in environmental protection

● Operation and maintenance of environmental protection devices

We are adopted different project models such as EPC, EP, BOT, BOO and PPP in Runh environmental protection projects

Service Scope

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